Windows Serial Console Programs

  1. Serial Console Connection
  2. Windows Serial Console
  3. Remote Serial Console
  4. Linux Serial Console

Serial Console Connection


You have assembled your Arduino* expansion board or your mini breakout expansion board, installed the appropriate drivers, and flashed the OS image (formerly called firmware).

Windows Serial Console

Set Up PuTTY

  1. Download the PuTTY terminal emulator:
  2. Apply a right mouse-click on the putty.exe file and select Run as administrator.
  3. Configure the PuTTY menu as follows:
  4. Under Connection type, select Serial.
  5. In the Serial line field, enter the COM# for your board, such as COM7.Note: If you did not identify your COM# when setting up your board, navigate to the Device Manager and check for an entry called USB Serial Port (not Intel Edison Virtual Com Port). The COM# is displayed next to the USB Serial Port entry, as highlighted below.
  6. In the Speed field, type 115200.
  7. Click Open.
  8. When you see a blank screen, press the Enter key twice. A login prompt is displayed.
  9. At the login prompt, type root and press Enter.
  10. Press Enter when prompted for a password. You should see a terminal prompt.

Remote Serial Console

You have now established a serial communication with your board. You can interact with your board by entering common Linux commands. For a summary of useful commands, see Common commands for the Intel® Edison board.

Linux Serial Console

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